Happy 55th Birthday to the Florida Public Library!

Watch and hear Florida’s long-time resident Ron Kamrowski
tell his story about the library


A short history of Florida Public Library in Florida, NY

In 1958, members of the Florida Chamber of Commerce, the PTA and the Boy Scouts went door to door collecting books and opened the library in the Professional Building on Main Street with an $88 donation from the Seward Trust Fund.

FPL was soon moved to the basement of a house just south of our Fire Department.

In 1963, the library was relocated to the basement of 2 Bridge St., but a flood damaged the building and most of the books in 1994. One year later, the library was again opened in a small trailer behind the Police Station where a staff of three shared tight quarters with books that were saved from the flood as well as any new purchases that fit in the limited space.

In 2000, a beautiful new library was built on Cohen Circle next to the trailer. An anonymous benefactor funded the construction of a wall to enclose the Children’s Room, as well as the building of a rear deck used for warm weather programs, book sales and gatherings. A Boy Scout Eagle project added planters and picnic tables to the deck and our Friends of the FPL contributed a shady awning. Florida Public Library is now a vital community center offering materials, programs and services for all ages, seven days a week.