Maddy – The Story of our Statue

Friends and family of the late Madeline Rose Pillmeier dedicated a bronze statue in her memory on Saturday, May 15, 2010 at the Florida Public Library. The statue of a young girl reading a book was funded by an outpouring of donations to the library following the fifteen year old Florida student’s death in June 2009. She was an avid reader and a lifelong library user.

The statue rests on a rectangular sandstone block with original chisel marks, once a foundation stone in an 18th century barn. The stone was donated by Peter Kimiecik of Kimiecik Landscaping. Tim and Todd Purta, of T.S. Purta Funeral Home, donated the plaque which reads “Once was a girl who loved to read and read – Maddy.” Todd Purta donated his services and that of his crane to transport and install the statue and stone. He was assisted by Ross Folino who also prepared the site.

Surrounding Maddy’s statue are flowers and herbs with their own significance: roses for love, rosemary for remembrance, lilies for sweetness, primroses for youth, marigolds for mourning, chives for strength and for Florida’s onions, chrysanthemums for Maddy’s November birthday and a little bit of orange for her topaz birthstone. Bookmarks with her favorite books were distributed to the more than one hundred people who attended the dedication ceremony. Bookmarks available upon request.

For information, please call Florida Public Library at (845) 651-7659.