Book Sales

Book sales are held in the Seward Senior Center, right next door to the library, and scheduled throughout the year.  Saturday and Sunday hours are 9:00am-3:00pm.  Only current paid members of the Friends of the Library can attend the Friday evening (preview) sale. Mini-sales are also held in the library and at the Florida Farmers Market. Please check our Calendar of Events for dates of our book sales and these pop-up sales.

Teen volunteers are encouraged to help set up and break down the book sale.  Letters confirming volunteer hours of service are gladly provided.

Bake Sale – We have recently added a bake sale to our big book sales. Contributions are appreciated!


Book Donations

The Library accepts donations of books and DVDs.  Selected items may be added to the Library’s collection at the discretion of the Director.  Most donations will be given to the Friends of the Florida Public Library for their used book sales throughout the year.  The following information is a guideline for book donations:

Do-nations for Book Sale items:

  • We accept hardcover and paperback books for all ages, CDs/DVDs, audio books, LP records.
  • ALL items must be clean and in good-to-excellent condition.
  • Donations are accepted year-round and may be delivered to the Library during hours of operation.  Donations left outside the Library and exposed to weather will be recycled.
  • ALL items should be contained in sturdy cartons that a librarian can lift.
  • You may obtain a receipt for your donation which will confirm the number of items donated. The value of the donation is between you and your accountant. We will mail the receipt to you if we are unable to count your items on the spot. Please remember to leave your name and address with the donation.

DON’T-nations for Book Sale items:

  • We can not accept items that are dirty, dusty, moldy, water stained, smelly, have torn covers/pages, have been stored outside, or have been chewed by animals. When in doubt, ask yourself, “Would I pay for this?”
  • We can not accept encyclopedias, text books, Reader’s Digest condensed books, magazines (including National Geographic), used coloring or sticker books, games, toys, videotapes.
  • We can not accommodate more than 1-2 boxes at a time. If your donation exceeds this amount, please phone the library to be put in contact with a member of the Friends to arrange drop-off.