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The Florida Public Library provides outgoing fax service only for the convenience of library patrons. The Library will provide a cover sheet at no charge to be filled out by the patron. The patron is responsible for finding and verifying the correct fax number. Charges are $3 for the first page and $1 per each additional page. Click for Fax Policy.

Barron Angell, our Librarian, is a certified notary. Barron is available:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10-6
Wednesday 12-8
Sunday 12-5

2 GB USB flash drives are for sale at the front desk.

Photocopies are 15 cents per page, black and white only. Please make your copies first, then pay at the circulation desk.

Printing from library computers or your personal laptop is 15 cents per page for black and white prints on Printer A. Color prints are 25 cents per page on Printer B. Make your prints, then pay at the circulation desk. You must pay for all pages sent to the printer.

Our photocopy machine is capable of scanning documents to a USB flash drive. You may purchase a flash drive at the front desk or you may use your own. The copier is not on a network, therefore scanning cannot be done directly to an email address. Please ask for help at the circulation desk. The service is free, except if you need to purchase a flash drive.

Free Wi-Fi is available to the public through an unsecured network called Florida_Lib, or for devices that support the faster speed, FPL_5G. The signal is also available from our back deck and parts of the parking area surrounding the library.  Click for Wireless Internet Access Policy.

The Florida Public Library provides VHS to DVD transfers for the convenience of Library patrons. Charges are $10 per DVD. The Library can copy from VHS and VHS-C cassettes only. Payment is due before service is provided. Click here to view the form and the full VHS to DVD Transfer Policy.

Free for local calls only to twelve exchanges. The public phone is located at the circulation desk.

We offer a rotating selection of used books in excellent condition on our Little Red Book Shelves next to the circulation desk. Please check here for bargains, must-reads, popular paperbacks for vacations and inexpensive books for all ages. Hard cover books are $1 and soft cover books are 50 cents.

We will gladly post flyers of general interest for local non-profits. Check here for Florida’s news, college information and Orange County Civil Service listings.

Tutors and students may use the library free of charge as space allows. Click for Tutor Policy.

The Florida Library has limited space and dates available for use of the Children’s Room during regular hours. Click for Use of Library by Outside Groups Policy.

Florida Public Library provides space for collection boxes on a rotating basis. We are a year-round drop-off location for the Florida Food Pantry and for the recycling of eyeglasses.